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Bill Cawley (Olympia, WA)


I'm curious what you think of the 'lay-flat hinged page' press printed books from WHCC? I believe ACI is also starting to offer these. Thoughts on quality and longevity?


I couldn't agree more. Blurb began promoting to our studio at the beginning of the year. Very low pricing & quality. We had one book done, it was so so. Then another a few months later to test one, soft cover, it was terrible. It took my business parter a good 4 hours of online work on that book. To then receive it was a serious disappointment, not to mention lost time in getting it to the bride. The pictures looked terrible, dark, didn't look like my work. Haven't touched them since as I found it a waste of time and money. So sorry those things happen.

Christine May (KC,MO)

I agree with Ava...I tried Blurb and their hardcover was so so...the pages didn't have the best print quality...but it wasn't till I tried their softcover book that I realized it was a very cheap knock off of what my professional print labs can do. It's not all that more expensive through my print lab and the quality is much better...so I'm content with using HH Color Lab and Millers press products to achieve that much needed professional quality.

cory sinklier

I have tried Asuka, millers press, and White House press. Millers print quality is awful (banding is clearly visible), Asuka is a good quality but expensive and takes several weeks and does not open flat, White House has pretty good quality with hinged pages.

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